the fisheye mission

fisheye film festival aims to “bring the world of films to our screens” and capture the imagination of the local community. It does this by hosting film competitions, as well as showing films less likely to be seen at our local mainstream cinema.

Through the International Film Competition, fisheye film festival promotes the work of up-and-coming filmmakers from the UK and around the world, providing a platform for a diversity of films to be shown locally.

In addition to the competitions, the eleven day festival holds a variety of film related events that are interactive, entertain, challenge perceptions, but most importantly are enjoyable for people to participate in.

Through all of these activities, fisheye film festival offers filmmakers the chance to meet and pitch their films against other global entries, whilst enabling audiences to “experience the bigger picture” and discover a world of new films.

festival history

The fisheye film festival is now in its fifth year and is growing and improving year on year.

The festival was hatched in early 2015 after a conversation between Mariko Francombe and Simon Kearey. Mariko was one of the founders of a local filmmakers group, The Ellipsis Network, and Simon was developing the Wycombe Arts Forum. Along with Greg Witek and Peter Lee-Wright, the group organised the first community film festival in September 2015. On offer was a variety of feature films, masterclasses, the opportunity for local filmmakers to participate in the “Show Off Your Shorts” event and a 48-hour film challenge.

2016 saw the introduction of our first international short film competition, which was free to enter and attracted a huge response from filmmakers around the world. As a result, we showed around 50 excellent short films and awarded our first laurels.

In 2017, we held our first Awards ceremony at Cineworld, attracting filmmakers to a special Gala night. During the day we screened a selection of short films, then announced the award winners and gave out the certificates during the evening. Afterwards we celebrated their success in the bar! The 2017 independent feature film programme was cutting edge, screening films which subsequently won British Independent Film Awards and went on to BAFTA success.

In 2018, we had even more creative talent to showcase with the addition of the Creative Challenge to our already incredibly successful International Film Competition.

Now the main pillars of the festival are in place we continue to build on successes each year, to learn more about our audiences. We try to find new ways to enrich the offering of film culture in our locality, and to inspire participation and creativity through our competitions.

This year, we have taken stock and decided to change the dates of our festival to run at the end of the film calendar, not too long after the film Awards season culminates in February 2020.

So there won’t be a 2019 edition this autumn but instead, we’ll see you next Spring!

key organising team

fisheye film festival could not happen without the team of volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes to plan, organise and market events, then run the festival when it lands in and around High Wycombe.

We would like to mention the following people for their valuable contribution to this years event:

Mariko Francombe
Simon Kearey

Robert Digby
Jerry Joseph
Rodney Willott

Barbara Muston
Richard Rowntree
Andrew St Maur

Mark Singer
Jamie Terry