Welcome to fisheye film festival as we embark on the journey towards our 5th festival in early spring 2020.

Wait – 2020?! What happened to 2019?!!

After running for four years on the trot, we decided to have a major review of the festival and all of its components to see what could be done better. One key key decision was to adjust the timing of the festival cycle. We now fall into step with the film calendar, setting our new dates not too long after the film Awards season ends.

So we are excited to announce the new festival dates of 27th February to 8th March 2020!

fisheye film festival 2020

fisheye film festival 2020 once again aims to introduce exciting films and new talent within the film industry to our ever growing fan base.

Click on our 2018 showreel for film highlights, or for a full roundup of our 2018 programme and to discover the Award winners from previous years, why not check out our past events?

For a full roundup of our 2018 programme or to check out the award winners from previous years, why not check out our past events?

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2020 film

We are very pleased to announce that the 2020 International Film Competition is open for submissions!

Please send your films to us as soon as you can – we are keen to see what you have created. The final date for submissions is 10th January, 2020.

You can submit your film through the Film Freeway link below.

Why not explore our past events for some of the amazing entries we have had to this great competition.

We look forward to another year of fantastic competition entries, both short films and features!

festival showreel

Every year we create a showreel from selected entries. Click on the Play button to see the 2018 showreel

We can’t wait to see the films submitted to the 5th fisheye film festival!

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